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Outbound Sales: Farming or Hunting?

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

In general, sales is a "what have you done for me lately" business, and a lot of sales professionals have a month-to-month quota. This focus on immediate results leaves some selling orgs in very desperate positions. This problem is exactly why having a structured, consistent, and efficient outbound sales program is so important.

Last week, I saw something pretty awesome happen for one of my clients at Hopp Consulting Group. A customer I was no longer actively working with got a $30,000 sale from a prospect who responded back positively to an email we helped our customer send.

Think about that for a minute. No one targeted this customer with ads on Facebook. No one drove this lead inbound via SEO. This lead was sent a strategic and well written email that resonated enough with them that they responded and bought from our customer. There is an important lesson in this story: outbound (done right) isn't just hunting, it's planting your seeds for farming. What does it take to create an outbound sales program so good that it's still "farming" deals 30 plus days after your outbound activities?

The Right Prospect & Message

Who you target and what you say to them has everything to do with how well they will receive your message. You wouldn't want to reach out to a VP of Engineering talking about maximizing revenue, and you wouldn't sell server space to a VP of Sales. Understanding who fits your ideal customer profile and what they care about will drastically improve your outbound success. This means testing and iterating strategically on your messaging based on the responses (or lack thereof) that you're getting from the outreach you're doing.

The Channel and Timing

Channel doesn't mean knowing if your buyer likes HBO or Showtime, it means understanding if they respond to email, phone, or social when it comes to outreach. Sometimes there is no clear answer and that's why it is important to have an omni-channel approach. Timing comes down to consistency. Sending a few emails about a certain topic and not getting an answer does not mean that your prospect isn't interested. The most difficult part of outbound is the fact that you might have to make 10-15 attempts to reach a prospect across various channels before you get a response. Keep the channels and number of attempts consistent and your rates of success will go up dramatically.

The right targeting, messaging, channels, and timing is the formula for outbound success that we've seen work time and again. Outbound done right creates inbound interest, and will get your prospects to respond to your outreach, positively or negatively, either way moving your pipeline.

Reach out today and let's start honing in on the right channel, timing, message and targeting for your outbound sales strategy. (310)941-8908

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