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Do You Dread Cold Calling?

We used to too. Kevin has spent years of his life calling over 500,000 times for clients across dozens of different industries and he finally cracked the code - a way to make cold calling enjoyable, scalable, and most of all, successful!


If you purchase this course you can expect to gain access to a proven framework for making outbound sales calls.


In the course, you will find nine separate video modules guiding you through all you need to know to confidently pick up the phone.


Learn the Golden Rules of Cold Calling

Your Prospect Is Not Interested... Yet

Fat Stacks in the Circle Backs

Business Problems & Valuable Solutions

Be Interested and Be Interesting

Conversations Are King

Is the course worth purchasing? 

Get Started for Only $49!

Kevin has used these same techniques to coach dozens of reps to hit their goals and generate millions in outbound pipeline. 

If you're currently unemployed, reach out to Kevin Hopp on LinkedIn to get access to the course for FREE. Every person that purchases the course has an option to book a script consultation with Kevin FREE of charge. (30 Minutes)

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