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3 Ways to Work With Hopp Consulting Group

If you don't see a service that matches your needs, let us know! We have a large partner referral network.

Auto Dialer Consulting

Has your team considered using an auto dialer but you're not sure how to integrate and configure it the best way? Do you have a dialer that few reps actually use because it doesn't "work" for your prospects? Let's change that!

Outbound Process & Strategy Advisory

Are you a SaaS startup with a technical founding team in need of sales expertise and advice for scaling sales without having to hire full-time? Are you a busy senior sales leader that needs to build an outbound team? HCG can help!

LIVE Team Call Coaching

Does your AE/SDR team make outbound calls? Are they converting at least 7% of the winnable conversations to good, quality meetings? Can your team "talk the talk"? HCG can help!

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