Outbound Sales Strategy 
Power Dialer Consulting 

The Hopp Consulting Group exists to solve the biggest problems that businesses face when growing via new customer acquisition. Our diverse experience developing sales funnels for B2B SaaS startups in multiple vertical markets, helps us build effective and reliable outbound sales processes.

Business Team Research

Outbound Sales Strategy Consulting

With years of experience in outbound sales, HCG can help your B2B company build an outbound sales process that works to quickly and efficiently fill your sales funnel.

Power Dialer Consulting

Did someone at your organization buy a sales power dialer, but no one really knows how to use it? Not getting the results you were promised during the sales cycle? 

Hopp Consulting Group has 5 years of power dialer optimization experience and has utilized a power dialer to book appointments for 35+ differen B2B businesses.

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